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Former councilors give Ben Longwe 7 days to withdraw obscene remarks against DC Palani

Association of Former Councillors in Malawi (AFCOMA) has given South Africa-based political activist, Charles Ben Longwe, seven days to withdraw and apologize to the District Commissioner for Lilongwe, Dr. Lawford Palani, for the obscene remarks against the DC and ruling elite.

In his latest audio clip, Longwe warned that he would mobilize Malawians to squeeze private parts of Palani for his alleged intolerance to human rights activists.

The political activist is further accusing the DC of siding with President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s government because he comes from the Central Region.

Longwe is also heard warning that he will deal with High Court judge Kenyatta Nyirenda right in the precincts of his church at Area 43.

But addressing journalists in Lilongwe on Friday, AFCOMA president Samson Chaziya described the utterances as unfortunate and irresponsible.

Chaziya: We won’t allow this irresponsible behaviour to thrive in this country–Photo by Watipaso Mzungu

“Such utterances have potential to create disunity, which may lead to tribal war. It is for this reason that we are demanding that Longwe should apologize for these irresponsible utterances, failing which we will mobilize people to demonstrate against him,” said Chaziya.

The former councilor further warned Longwe to desist from using Malawians to enrich himself, observing that Longwe is fighting for his own ‘stomach’.

“He should stop claiming that he is speaking for Malawians. Which Malawians does he consult? I am a former councilor. I have never seen him come to my area to consult us. Does this mean that only him and his family are genuine Malawians?” asked Chaziya who was flanked by three other former councilors.

In unison, the former councilors warned that they would take unspecified action, including dragging Longwe, to court if he continues issuing intimidatory remarks against Judge Nyirenda and the DC.

Another former councilor wondered whether Longwe and his colleagues were riled by the infrastructure projects President Chakwera and his government are implementing in the Central Region.

“We know that previous administrations used to implement infrastructure projects in the Southern Region only. It’s only President Chakwera who is distributing development projects equally. Maybe that is what has angered them because they believe that we are second class Malawians,” he said.

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