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Former MBC radio personality Greyson Chapita describes pro-APM camp as terrorists

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Former celebrated Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) radio personality Greyson Chapita, has described as ‘terrorists’ a grouping of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) followers advancing the comeback of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.

Calling them ‘Gulu la za Uchifwamba’ in local language, Chapita – a senior media team member of the Kondwani Nankhumwa camp – says it is high time the ‘clowns’ took leave of the political stage, arguing they are old and without any relevance.

“Something about this group. Their actors are so fake, with a poorly edited script. A bunch of tired clowns are failing to bring humor to their own acts. In summary, on display, is a group of low-grade comedians. Take time to watch them in action. For example, the Central Region Committee. Mayi Zeliya Chakale and co are now at their 3rd endorsement appearance. She was in the North, and she has been in the Central region twice, all in the name of ‘aMalawi akuti’,” hence he started his writing posted on Facebook page.

Without any editing and additions, the article goes like this:

Their script; she will talk, then the Regional Governor Kambalame…. and then Mayi Chimbalanga, the dancer, “eeeeh APM this, APM that, tonse tikuti bla bla bla” then she will ask the crowd to either raise their hands or stand to show their support for this gulu lazauchifwamba la “APM ayimanso”.

Grayson Chapita

Same boring script.. sad and gloomy faces, hopeless gestures, empty statements, and lifeless jokes. Even their body language, tells a very big story. No conviction, no passion.

And the crowd, you can actually see even with closed eyes kuti akumachita kuoneka okakamizika, no punch, no energy, just flat. You can actually read their toughts, “tizavotelenso APM kuti Chisasalenso and the gang azatilamulirenso?”

APM, a good man that he is, was let down by the same people that are shamelessly bulldozing his name back on the ballot. And now, the are back in their usual business, subjecting the name APM to some senseless scheming.

Every well meaning Malawian knows Chisasalenso and the gang had their time… its time they are shoved to the archives. They don’t deserve to appear anywhere near the corridors of power. Vampires who suck APM of his power. They turn him into a political yo yo.

Imagine once you start putting APM on the political microscope, they are saying “eeeeh mukunyoza APM” Cowards! Stop hiding behind the name of APM and face the music.. amalawi anatopa nanu, including those you are paying ma 20 pin awo to stage these senseless endorsements, anatopa nanu… it’s just a matter of time.

Nthawi idakalipo, the door is open, pezani candidate wanu mukwere, muthamange pa ground, nthawi isanathe, izi za APM ayimanso izi soon muyenda nazo zyolizyoli.. mtunda opanda madzi weniweni.

Call me names or whatever, kaya kunyoza or kunditukana, Grey will tell you the truth about these your foolish acts, forever.

Gulu lazauchifwamba lenileni… busy terrorising those that are holding dissenting voices. Once this APM ayimanso nonsense is over, ofunika ujeni inuyo… we call this “Holy anger”.. sikuti ndakwiya, Lol. Ukali oyela mtima, okalowa nawo kumwamba.

We can’t support your terror group out of sympathy for APM. Akuti tisakambe za age ya APM. Isnt APM old at 82/3? Pamenepa tanyozapo pati? APM is old and thats a fact, and he must rest basi… Simple!


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