Frank Kaunda tackles disappointments, heartbreaks in new single ‘Nango’ 

Malawian artist, Frank Kaunda has continued to make good on his promise to release a song every month in 2023 with the release of his second single titled ‘Nango’ on March 3, 2023.

The release comes just a month after his previous single, ‘Za Moyo Wanga’.

In an interview, Kaunda revealed that his project for the year is to release a new song every month until December 2023. He plans to compile all the songs into an album called Chisankho, which will be launched next year.

 “My project this year is that every month I will be releasing a new song till December 2023. Then the whole album will be named Chisankho and will be launched next year,” Kaunda explained.

Kaunda shared that ‘Nango’ is a touching song about a man who fell in love with a girl named Nango. They promised to marry each other, but unfortunately, Nango abandoned the man for another who she later married.

Kaunda: the song encourages youths to keep move forward despite heartbreaks and disappointments

Despite the heartbreak, the man accepted the situation and moved on with his life. The song serves as an encouragement to young people to keep pushing forward regardless of disappointments and heartbreaks.

“I just wanted to encourage my fellow youths of today, that despite disappointments and heartbroken they go through, they should not terminate their lives, suicide is not the answer, but rather to refresh and move on with their life,” he narrates.

The four-minute-six-second song is creatively in Afrobeat and was produced by Chimzy Beats and Moshu. It has already been released on various radio stations and Frank Kaunda’s official YouTube channel.

Kaunda’s music is a fusion of traditional and modern sounds, and his previous albums include Yesu Ali Mwa Ine, Namfuko, and Nthawi.

Chisankho will be his fourth album, and his fans are eagerly anticipating its release.

With his commitment to releasing new music every month, Kaunda is well on his way to fulfilling his resolution and leaving a lasting impact on the music scene in Malawi.

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