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Government Appeals for support in Cholera Fight

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The Presidential Taskforce on Coronavirus and Cholera has appealed for donations from the public to cover various gaps currently being experienced in the prevention, control, and management of cholera cases across the country.

In a press statement signed by Co-Chairpersons of the task force Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda and Dr. Wilfred Chalamira Nkhoma, the taskforce is asking for support from the public, private companies, and organizations in form of donations to be used in the fight against the outbreak.

The donations requested are medical supplies including ringers lactate, giving sets, cholera beds, tents, examination and heavy-duty gloves, gumboots, solar lamps, buckets with taps, soap, and chlorine.

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“We are also looking for support to improve water and sanitation facilities in schools including buckets with taps, handwashing soap, Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS), renovation/construction of sanitary facilities as well as cash,” reads part of the statement.

Cholera patients receiving treatment at a health facility in Malawi

The task force, which has assured the public of accountability of the donations, is welcoming any amount of donations regardless of the quantities.

Those willing to support are requested to contact the Secretariat of the Presidential Taskforce through the National Coordinator, Dr. Bridon M’baya.

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In December 2022 World Health Organization (WHO) donated lifesaving cholera supplies including 1.3 million water purification tablets, 433,000 Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) sachets, 129 000 zinc tablets all worth US$176,000.

Other organizations such as the Malawi Red Cross Society, Save the Children, and MaTours International Coach Services have also assisted health centers with assorted items to support the fight against cholera.

As of Sunday, January 8th Malawi had 21,024 cumulative cholera cases with 860 patients admitted to treatment units.

A total of 704 deaths have been registered so far, with 429 new discharges from treatment centers and 497 new cases.

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