Govt calls for enhanced investment in education infrastructure

Minister of Education Madalitso Kambauwa Wirima has called for enhanced investment in the education infrastructure in order to improve the quality and standard of education in Malawi.

Wirima was speaking at Magwero Primary School Ground in Lilongwe when she led hundreds of people in a big walk to raise awareness on the importance of educating the nation 

A big walk which was organized as a preparation for this year’s Joint Sector Review (JCR) scheduled for August 30th to 31st 2023 and was held under the theme: “Transforming Education: Investing in Foundational Learning Skills Development for Wealthy, Self-Reliant, and Resilience Nation.”

The minister said it was worrisome that the majority of the learners in Malawi face challenges to access education, citing long distances they have to walk to their nearest school.

From right to left, Madalitso Kambauwa Wirima minister of education, Else Boonstra deputy head of deligation at European Union to Malawi and Chikondano Mussa Secretary in the ministry of education.

Apparently, learners at Magwero Full Primary School and Community Day Secondary School (CDSS) walk from Msungwi in Area 25, Kuliyani and Mwambakanthu Villages, which are over four kilometres from the school.

Kambauwa implored partners and stakeholders to consider investing in education infrastructure in order to reduce these distances. 

“You may agree with me that, although we have walked only three kilometers, it feels as though we have covered a distance of 10 kilometres and yet, the learners are walking twice or three times the distance we have covered every day to reach this school and return to their homes. Today, we have the opportunity to listen to heartfelt testimonies from our dedicated teachers and learners, revealing the distressing impact the long distances have on their performance and attendance of our students.

Some of the Students and people who were in attendance at the big walk.

“Consider for a moment, the girl child who, with every step they take towards home, face the unsettling risk of harassment and assault. Picture the tired boys, struggling to stay alert and attentive during lessons, their minds fatigued from the exhausting journey they undertake to and from school. In light of this, I humbly implore all of us to consider investing in education infrastructure to reduce the distances our learners travel to and from school,” she said. 

Deputy Head of Delegation for the European Union to Malawi, Else Boonstra, said they will be working hand in hand with the ministry in improving school infrastructure through construction of schools within short distances.

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