Greenbelt Authority to finalize multi-billion factory on June 30

Greenbelt Authority has disclosed that construction of the multi-billion rice milling factory will be completed and open for operation on June 30, 2023.

The Authority’s Chief Executive Officer, Eric Dudley Chidzungu, disclosed this to journalists on Friday in Karonga.

He said preparations are now at 80 percent.

“When operational, the plant will be producing a capacity of 50metric tonnes per day benefiting a lot of smallholder farmers in the district,” he said.

The plant will also contribute to the country’s economic aspirations, he said.

Chidzungu added that despite the dry spells facing the district, the Authority has a flagship Nthola Ilolla project, with 500 hectares for irrigation which if put into use can produce a lot of rice.

Chidzungu: the rice milling factory will be completed and open for operation in June

He further said fields that are on irrigation will harvest their rice than those on rain-fed.

A rice farmer expecting to benefit from the factory, Margret Royora, said she expects to see her farm produce getting value addition and selling at better prices.

“Right now we are making a profit, but after the opening of the factory the proceeds are going to be more as the product will be polished, packaged, and branded, thereby allowing us to sell at better prices,” she said.

Almost 2,500 rice farmers will benefit from the factory.

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