Habusa Wikise preaches against commiting suicide

Lilongwe based artist, Frank Chawinga alias Wikise will on Friday drop a single track titled ‘I can’t kill myself’ a song which is denouncing people from committing suicide due to several factors.

In an interview on Thursday, Wikise said he decided to come up with the track as a way of contributing psychosocial therapy to people who may have intentions to kill themselves.

"I have noted an increase in suicide cases across the country and I hope my song will assist in addressing the vice," he said.

The Renowned musician advised people in the country to never allow depression to control them saying poverty and joblessness should not make one take his or her own life.

"This Song will comfort every individual passing through hard times, depression is real but together we can defeat it, say no to suicide," he added.

Wikise: depression is real,

Mental Health Expert, Ndumanene Silungwe commended Wikise for tackling the issue in his song saying music plays a vital role in evoking emotions as well as changing people's attitudes towards issues.

"Music provides information and education thereby changing people's attitude towards issues. I wouldn't say the song is going to play a healing role of the problem, because depression is a condition which needs professional help," he said

Silungwe added that if the content of the song and the emotions accompanying it are right or congruent the song might change someone's mindset somewhere.

"I guess the song may help a person against committing suicide as a solution to whatever he or she is going through," he said.