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HRCC cautions Chakwera against heeding ‘detrimental advice’

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Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) has cautioned President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera against acting on advice that could have detrimental implications and in counter to rule of law.

HRCC Board Chairperson Robert Mkwezalamba and Board Member Desmond Mhango, in a statement shared with Nyasa Times on Monday, cited the advice the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) gave Chakwera to fire Secretary to the President and Cabinet (SPC) Colleen Zamba.

Mkwezalamba and Mhango feared Malawians would pay the price if the President may decide to dismiss Zamba on account of the recommendations from PAC without giving a consideration on the resultant implication.

The duo wondered why Zamba should be penalized by what they termed as “an inefficiency of a government system”.

Mkwezalamba: Not all the advice means well for the nation
Mkwezalamba: Not all the advice means well for the nation

“The firing of SPC madam, Colleen Zamba, we are not really convinced why individuals must suffer consequences of a government system in which they serve. We are mindful of the turn of events in the State vs. Mr. Kapondamgaga where majority spoke in support of having him completely dismissed simply because he is in the office of the President,” reads part of the statement.

Mkwezalamba and Mhango added: “As the facts unfolded and ACB made decisions, the majority suspected foul play yet these are simply matters of justice. Unless people have clear evidence and facts supporting the justification for these calls, we do not think the President should take the route of firing people based on hearsay when our justice system is clear that anyone suspected of being corrupt, incompetent or bias must be reported to ACB whose investigation may lead to a conviction. Unless she is indeed blocking some dubious deals or plans in the public services, we would state that Malawi needs such personalities who should strive at all times to ensure that Malawians are not ripped off their hard earned money simply because some individuals have ganged up to defraud or cause plunder where they do not deserve, let people come with facts.”

The human rights activists further asked President Chakwera to steer the course of the ‘ship and needed growth’.

Mkwezalamba and Mhango argued that while it is necessary to take advice, there is a need for the presidency to objectively consider the same as some of the advice the leadership and state are getting may work to the detriment of the desired growth.

“HRCC thus stands against calls and measures that have the effect of making the nation stagnant and failing to meet its international obligations. We are against calls that seek to simply criticize for the sake of criticizing or those that will bring us back against the fight of corruption in public entities among others,” they said.


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