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IRC stops EGENCO from sending Liabunya on forced leave

The Indutrial Relations Court in Blantyre has granted Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) Chief Executive Officer, William Liabunya, and Company Secretary, Videlia Mliwa, court order stopping the company from sending the duo on forced leave.

The court relief comes barely a few hours after EGENCO had issued an internal memo, notifying the staff that Liabunya and Mliwa had been sent on leave pending forensic audit investigations instituted by the government.

The memo had indicated that in Liabunya’s absence, the Director of Operations, Dr. Maxon Chitawo, would assume the CEO’s position.

However, Liabunya sought court relief, which it duly granted and reinstated him to his position.

The court has since directed that Liabunya should file an application for continuation within seven days.

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