Karonga drought-stricken farmers to receive free maize


Drought-stricken farmers in Karonga will receive free maize from the government following a directive by Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera to relevant government agencies to resume distribution of the staple grain to ensure no one dies of hunger.

It is reported that 12, 500 farming households have been affected by dry spell in the Kilombero rice producing district.

A communique from Karonga District Council states that the free maize distribution exercise will start from Karonga South Constituency before extending to other constituencies.

“The distribution will be in each and every constituency. Number of beneficiaries from all constituencies have already been filed,” reads the report in part.

While the Malawi Government and its development partners were busy attending to disasters caused by Tropical Cyclone Freddy in the Southern Region, dry spell hit Karonga, leaving 12, 500 farming families helpless.

The drought had affected the district’s staple crops such as rice, maize, and sorghum, among others.

In a statement issued a few days ago, President Chakwera assured the affected farmers that his government would do everything to support them.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Karonga South Constituency and Minister of Youth and Sports, Uchizi Mkandawire, confirmed that trucks loaded with maize have already arrived in his area.

“I think now the doubting Thomases can see for themselves that Chakwera administration is a caring government. Chakwera is not sleeping, but making sure that cyclone Freddy and dry spell victims are safe. As an MP for Karonga South, I am very happy,” Mkandawire said.

Senior Chief Wasambo described the development as ‘a big relief to us’.

“My subjects and I had no hope,” said Wasambo.

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