KCH clinician in Police cooler for stealing electronic devices


Lilongwe Police spokesperson, Hastings Chigalu identifies the suspect as Alinafe Likagwa who also runs a stationery and photocopying shop at Gologota Trading Center in Area 23.

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It is reported that a computer hard drive, monitor, and CPU in the Out Patient Department, where the suspect works, went missing one by one in December last year.

“However, in the first week of January 2023, the suspect, reported working with KCH already printed documents, a thing that brought suspicion to other workmates,” explained Chigalu.

The electronic equipment Likagwa stole

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He says their investigation, after receiving a complaint, recovered the gadgets from a house of a certain woman (name withheld) where the suspect hid the items.

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Likagwa, who hails from Mayani Village, Traditional Authority Tambala in Dedza District, will appear in court to answer a charge of theft by a public servant.

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