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Lingadzi Police urges proper use of social media

Police in Lingadzi, Lilongwe, wish to advise the general public to avoid spreading false reports on social media as the malpractice has the capacity to cause unnecessary alarm among the citizenry.

This follows social media reports which went viral early this month, alleging that there is security lapse within it’s jurisdiction and that crime rate was allegedly high. Among others, the report alleged that the rate for the first half of the year nearly matched the total cases registered in 2022.

The report further alleged that cases of kidnap and car highjacking are among the offences happening in areas 43, 11, 10 and 12.

Following this, the station took time to investigate the authenticity of the report and established that the allegations are false and that the author had no evidence about these allegations.

On this note, Police wish to inform people in the area and beyond that since January 2023, no such cases of kidnapping, car hijacking and murder have ever been registered nor reported within Lingadzi policing area. The general public may also wish to know that in it’s quarterly reports, police always produces crime statistics for the period compared to the same period in the previous year which is then shared to Station Executive Committee (SEC) members and the public in it’s policing area.

Police is therefore advising people to refrain from spreading false information on social media as this brings fear and unrest to the public.

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