Local Publisher calls forth writers with ideas

Fresh from successfully publishing Africa Magufuli and Change, a book authored by Professor Malango Chinthenga, local publisher Skillsway Books has encouraged both prospective and established writers to come forth with their book ideas to be polished and amplified into marketable work beyond borders.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi News Agency on Tuesday, Skillsway Manager Tionge Msiska, said it is high time Malawian narratives started making trends on the international scene by owning the culture, history and research in published works drifting away from the Western influence.

Msiska said the success of Africa Magufuli and Change currently making trends in Tanzania is enough indication that Malawi has eloquent publishers capable of writing editing and designing books of high standards.

“We have many writers with potential unfortunately most of them are void of ideas on how to incubate their work whilst others are too occupied to complete their work, as publishers this is where we step in,.

“For a long time we have been relying on the West to tell our stories, at Skillsway we are capable of amplifying narratives from scratch even with a voice note sent on WhatsApp or an idea written on paper,” said Msiska.

Msiska: We amplify the voices of local writers

In the latest addition to Skillsway’s catalog of published works, Africa Magufuli, and Change details a learned perspective by Professor Chinthenga on how to progress in African Countries is being derailed by neocolonialism which he describes as modern-day economic slavery.

According to Chinthenga, former Tanzania President late John Magufuli is a practical model of African Leadership and Excellence which should be emulated by other African leaders; thus, a trend that will drive away toxic tendencies of relying on foreign aid for socioeconomic development as it often comes with demerits.

“We cannot progress as Malawi or Africa if we cannot divorce ourselves from such chains holding us back,” he said.

In the latest development, the Book is set for another launch at St Augustine University of Tanzania on 5th August before another one scheduled later for Dar es Salaam.

Meanwhile, Mbeya University of Science and Technology has also partnered with the Author to translate the work into Swahili which is currently in the top 10 of common languages in the World with over 200 million speakers.

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