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LPG usage increases by 50% among middle and low-income households in Malawi

Malawi has registered a 50 percent increase in liquid petroleum gas (LPG) among both middle and low-income working Malawians, a development that excited both government of Malawi and environmental experts.

Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) Consumer Affairs and Public Relations Manager, Fitina Khonje, told journalists on Friday that there has been a 50 percent increase in market consumption of LPG in the country.

Khonje described the increase as remarkable. She stated that the annual gas consumption stood at 2,194 metric tonnes just 24 months ago, and there were only seven importers and 63 retail outlets in the country.

She attributed the rise in LPG usage to the introduction of low-priced gas cookers and three-kilogramme LPG cylinders by 265 Energy Limited.

The company’s partnership with Standard Bank has enabled the provision of affordable, clean, renewable energy, a key factor in the fight against environmental degradation.

The Managing Director for 256 Energy Limited, Mfundo Mvundula, said the low-priced gas cookers would help many people access alternative energy while saving the environment.

Mbvundula granting journalists an interview

“We are confident that the low-priced gas cookers are able to help a lot of people have access to such energy alternatives while also saving the environment,” he said.

Experts say that the increase in LPG usage is a positive step towards the use of efficient and sustainable alternative energy sources that do not exert pressure on natural resources.

With only slightly above 3 percent of Malawi’s population using gas and 70 percent of that for domestic use, the potential for further growth is high.

The success of the LPG initiative is an indication that the government and stakeholders are making progress in mitigating the effects of environmental degradation while offering affordable alternative energy to Malawians.

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