Madalitso Band Set for US Tour After Successful Visa Approval

Exciting news for music fans as Madalitso Band announces its first-ever tour of the United States of America after a previous attempt in 2022 was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

The band’s camp has confirmed that its US visas have been approved by the US Embassy in Malawi, and its members are eagerly anticipating their tour in September as long as everything remains on track.

But before its US tour, Madalitso Band is giving their local fans a treat with a national tour of Malawi.

“Ahead of the first Madalitso Band world tour in June, there is a national tour of Malawi,” said the band’s camp.

This will be the band’s first national tour, having previously toured internationally five times.

Madalitso Band touring the country

As part of the national tour, Madalitso Band has already performed in Zomba and Blantyre, with upcoming performances scheduled for Tranquilo Cape Maclear in Mangochi, Hideout in Lilongwe, Luwawa Environmental Centre, Butterfly Space in Nkhata Bay, Nkhotakota Music Festival, and Gwirize Cultural Village in Salima.

Excitingly, the band is also set to release a documentary called ‘Banjo Boys’ in the next 20 days.

The documentary will follow the band’s journey from playing on the streets of Lilongwe to the global stage.

“And we can never tell the story often enough while also learning about the country of Malawi,” said the band’s camp.

While the documentary team has followed the band on tour in Europe three times before, this will be the first time they capture the band buzzing around Malawi.

With their unique blend of traditional Malawian music and modern sounds, Madalitso Band has become one of the most outstanding bands in Europe from Malawi.

Fans worldwide eagerly await their upcoming national and US tours, and the Banjo Boys documentary promises to be an exciting addition to their growing repertoire.

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