Magistrate, prosecutor nabbed over corruption in Dowa


The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has apprehended two officials over corruption charges in Mponela, Dowa district.

Second Grade Magistrate Davie Mpakati and Police Prosecutor James Maganga, both hailing from the region, were nabbed after allegedly demanding of money from a crime suspect and their relatives to rule in his favor.

According to ACB spokesperson, Egritta Ndala, the duo is being accused of demanding K400,000 from a crime suspect’s relatives in exchange for a favorable court ruling.

Furthermore, the suspects are suspected of issuing a cash bond cheque of K50,000, which is a significant reduction from the K300,000 that was paid as a bail condition for the same suspect.

Ndala: the two were demanding money in exchange for a favorable court ruling

“Bureau investigations established that Magistrate Davie Mpakati and Police Prosecutor Maganga demanded and received various sums of money from relatives of the suspect in order to release him on bail and later give him a suspended sentence respectively. The Bureau also established that the two received K200,000.00 before the Magistrate passed the suspended sentence to the convict,” said Ndala.

Ndala added that the suspects would be brought to justice once the ACB completes recording caution statements from them.

In a related development, the ACB has arrested Northern Region Immigration Officer Inspector Rodwell Mwenebanda for allegedly charging two applicants K140,000 each for an ordinary normal passport that goes at the government’s recommended price of K90,000.

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