Malawi Govt collaborates with ECSA-HC in laboratory leadership program

The Malawi Government, in collaboration with East, Central and Southern Africa Health Community (ECSA-HC), has graduated 18 senior and middle laboratory managers in Global Leadership Training Program (GLLP).

The laboratory personnel were trained in laboratory leadership and management to enhance capacities and capabilities in the field.

Director of Human Resource in the Ministry of Health, Duff Msukwa said on Friday during the graduation ceremony in Lilongwe that the program facilitates the development of knowledge and skills in laboratory management and leadership.

“Malawi is in need of more leaders in the laboratory as this country is prone to a number of emergencies and eventualities year in and out that require leadership and skills in order combat or diagnosis the cases,’ he said.

Graduation from laboratory leadership program at BICC in Lilongwe

He added that weak leadership at all levels of health care is one of the areas that identified as a major hindrance to the effective implementation of programs saying: “This program is therefore a very timely and valuable intervention.”

Malawi is second from Zambia to complete the flagship program for laboratory leadership.

ECSA-HC Manager for Family Health and Infectious Diseases, Dr Andrew Silumesii said their organization received funding from Global Fund under the Covid-19 response mechanism with one of the objectives of strengthening leadership and management capacity for laboratory managers through implementation of GLLP.

“We are pleased that Malawi was selected as one of the two countries together with Zambia to implement this program,” he said.

He said the program has been implemented in partnership with Africa CDC and World Health Organization (WHO).

Representative of the Graduating students, Patrick Kadangwe expressed excitement for completing a one year laboratory leadership course.

“The knowledge and skills which we have acquired from this program has greatly transformed us as we are now Global Laboratory leaders,” he said.

Kadangwe also said through the skills they will be able to detect the gaps or challenges in the laboratory as well as the entire health system.

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