Malawi revokes dubiously acquired citizenship statuses for Burundian, Rwandan nationals


The Minister of Homeland Security, Honourable Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma, has with immediate effect revoked citizenship of 396 Burundian and Rwandan Nationals who dubiously acquired their naturalization papers.

According to the ministry’s Public Relations Officer, Patrick Botha, revocation is pursuant to public order and security within the precincts of the laws of Malawi.

“It is also in compliance with the Honourable Court’s decision in the case of the Republic vs Uladi Mussa and others being Criminal Case Number 2 of 2017,” he said. 

Botha disclosed that the law enforcement agencies in their coordinated effort will be effecting immediate deportation of the individuals concerned.

In accordance with the law, he said, government will continue to review and deprive Malawian Citizenship for all those individuals that did not comply with stipulated legal process.

Currently, government and its security agencies are still rounding up refugees and asylum seekers who have no authorized documents on staying in Malawi.

According to statistics from United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Malawi has 53,000 refugees and asylum seekers.

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