Malawi welcomes Prophet Magaya

Malawi has welcomed the Zimbabwean Prophet of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministry, Prophet Walter Magaya, from Kamuzu International Airport (KIA), as he is expected to hold a big conference named Malawi-Zambia conference.

Prophet Magaya stated in an interview with this publication that he intends to transform the life of an African child through the anointing he carries.

He added by assuring everyone who is going to attend the conference that they will be imparted with what their heart desires.

Magaya on his arrival at KIA

“People who are going to attend the conference may be politicians, business people, pastors and they we will meet exactly their point of need,” he explained

On the issue of incidents that have been happening in the country, the prophet said that people in Africa are mourning with Malawians for losing the Vice President and 8 others. He then encouraged the nation to be strong by depending on the Lord.

Prophet Magaya will be ministering alongside Good News Ministries founder and Prophet Patson Gondwe at a conference at BICC from Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th of July.

People who are going to attend the conference are supposed to register in order to participate.

The registration will cost a minimum of 50 dollars, which is close to 100 thousand Kwacha. Others have pledged to lend a hand, and those who cannot afford the minimum standard will be assisted accordingly with the little they have.

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