Mchinji district council preaches cleanliness

The Mchinji District Commissioner, Lucia Chidalengwa has urged people to take care of the environment especially in areas where they are doing businesses to mitigate the spread of diseases that spread due to uncleanness.

This was said on Friday during a cleanup exercise which took place around Mchinji district’s town.

“This cleanup exercise is everybody’s responsibility to make sure that our places are clean and safe to live in. If we take care of our environment, then we are free of diseases that come due to unhygienic conditions and a healthy life means a productive life,” said Chidalengwa.

Concurring with Chidalengwa, Mchinji Director of Health and Social Services, Dr. Yohane Mwale pleaded with people in the market area to take extra care of their business premises to avoid the spread of germs that can cause diseases that come due to lack of hygiene.

Mwale (right) and Chidalengwa (2nd right) joining the clean up exercise

“The rainy season is about to start and it is during this time that diseases like dysentery and cholera spread rapidly. So this exercise will help to at least mitigate the spread of such diseases and help keep our town clean,” said Mwale.

In his remarks, Chairperson for Mchinji market, Petro Njolomole asked business owners especially those along the road side to make sure they dig up the water drainages so that rain water can pass freely to avoid clogging of waste.

He said everyone has the responsibility to keep their town clean which is why everyone needs to take part in the exercise.

The cleanup exercise was launched by President Lazarus Chakwera in November 2020 to make sure that towns and cities remain clean.

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