Meet Jay Extra, a hidden gem in Dzaleka Refugee camp

Dzaleka Refugee Camp is well known for bleeding many talents and music is not spared, there are many talented artists and one of them is 20-year-old Burundian 1, Jay Extra.

Born in Tanzania but originally from Burundi, Jay Extra real name Bikorimana Egide Isodore said he believes he could make it big in the music industry if found an opportunity of being exposed to artists within and outside the country.

“My plans are to make Jay Extra a big brand in Malawi and the world scene. I would like to work with popular artists in the country so that I sing Malawian songs in other languages like Swahili.

 Such Malawian music will easily be sold in other countries such as Tanzania, Burundi, and Congo among others,” Jay Extra explanied.

Currently studying Bachelor of Arts and Sustainable Development at Xavier University in India with support from Jesuit Worldwide Learning Dzaleka, he narrated how difficult it was for him to disclose his refugee status to his fans.

 “I could not reveal to them that am a foreigner for fear that I might be discriminated or my music will be ignored but now everyone knows I am a foreigner and am sure this will bring positive impact to my music,” the artist added.

 The Musician who started his career in 2015 said every musician who is good planner and innovative has a potential to grow and make money in the music industry.

Jay Extra: I would like to be singing Malawian songs in Kiswahili

 “A musician needs to be creative and be able to produce something that will make sense to the audience, thereby creating public demand for his or her art,” Jay Extra said.

Being new in the music industry, he has received positive feedback from music lovers with one of Malawi’s known comedian, Tannah Mr. Broken English who has through his Facebook page share the artist’s new single ‘Aamen’.

“Last night I bumped into this Gospel song ‘Aamen ‘by Jay Extra who lives at Dzaleka Refugee Camp. I love the message in this song and I have decided to share it with you,” Tannah wrote.

Jay extra has released 12 singles and he is yet to produce an album with his latest single ‘Aamen’ through which he is thanking God for all the good things that he has done to him.

Other tracks include ‘Tsekula Maso’, ‘Mfana wa ku Malawi’ and ‘Lilongwe’.