Minister hails Ngoni people for preserving culture

Minister of Local Government, Unity and Culture, Richard Chimwendo Banda has hailed Mzimba Heritage Association (MZIHA) for its efforts in promoting and preserving Ngoni culture through the yearly Umtheto Cultural Festival.

Speaking Saturday at Hora Heritage Centre in the district, Chimwendo Banda said many cultures are dying because there are no deliberate measures put in place by tribal associations to preserve them.

He, therefore, said teaching and inculcation of cultural values in children that MZIHA is doing will help in deepening and strengthening the Ngoni culture for generations to come.

“As government, we are proud that MZIHA is deepening Ngoni culture by teaching its youth about it. When you teach young ones, they stick to what they learn and they will never abandon their culture,” he said.

Ngoni people dancing at the festival

He urged other associations to borrow a leaf from MZIHA and inculcate the culture in its younger ones for preservation and strengthening of the culture.

Chimwendo Banda also applauded the Ngonis for taking a leading role in preserving the environment.

He said natural disasters such as Cyclone Freddy were as a result of poor environmental management.

Chairperson for MZIHA, Mzondi Moyo said they will continue promoting the Ngoni culture through Umtheto Festival.

The festival was held under the theme ‘Integrating culture and the environment to mitigate climate change.’

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