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Minister Zikhale Ng’oma instructs police IG to investigate brutal killings

Minister of Homeland Security Ken Zikhale Ng’oma has instructed the Inspector General of Police, Merylin Yolamu, to institute investigations into the brutal killings of three people in Lilongwe.

Ng’oma made the instruction in Lilongwe on Monday when he updated the nation on the murder of people in Lilongwe that the exercise will be done without fear or favour until the perpetrators are arrested.

“These killings want to paint a bad picture of the Tonse Alliance government on security,” he said.

Ng’oma: The IG must institute investigations

Ng’oma emphasized on the difference between national security breakdown and public security which are being confused that people in a society can murder, steal properties but that does not mean that is a security breakdown adding that the numbers of three against a population of 20 million is not security breakdown.

He assured the nation that police will be on the ground. Adding that there  is political will.

He warned social media influencers to desist from spreading fake news and images to the public saying if found they will be brought to book under cyber crimes and electronic transaction act which attracts five years jail.

Ng’oma has disclosed that the government will engage International experts from Zimbabwe and other countries to help with investigations and training on cyber security.

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