Ministry for inclusive education

Deputy Minister of Education Monica Chang’anamuno says her ministry is making sure that children with disabilities have access to better quality education in the country.

She made the remarks on Friday at Lilongwe Demonstration School where United States Agency for Inter1 Development (USAID) through Reading for All Malawi (REFAM) program handed over Universal Design for Learning Approach to Inclusive Education and Family Toolkit materials to the ministry.

 “As stipulated in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities “Article 24” and in the Disability Act (2012), learners with disabilities have a right to quality education and to get materials adapted in the way they could easily understand and use them.


Chang'anamuno (left) greeting a student with disability

“Our commitment as a ministry to supporting teachers and families of children with disabilities to support their children on how best they could learn reading skills both at school and home,” Chang’anamuno said.


The Minister added that, promoting access to good education among children with disabilities would assist the disabled children to become productive citizens in future.


“We all know that a literate society is one whose citizens are capacitated and able to contribute positively towards the development of their nations.


“Therefore, ensuring that all learners are taken on board without discriminating against them based on their disability is a milestone towards achieving an inclusive and productive society,” she said.


She therefore applauded USAID for supporting Malawi Government through the Ministry of Education in promoting special needs education in the country.


USAID Education Office Director Christine Veverka said that as USAID is dedicated to supporting the government through the Ministry of Education in promoting good quality education for all in the country.


“The U.S. government, through USAID, is committed to supporting government to achieve its vision of providing a quality education for all students including those with disabilities.

 “Currently, USAID is supporting the Ministry of Education through the REFAM project, with the project we have built on USAID’s long-standing support for Malawi’s 1 Reading Program to strengthen literacy instruction for learners with visual, hearing, or intellectual disabilities in Standards one up to four,” Veverka said.

Since 2019, USAID has been working closely with the Ministry of Education Special Needs Department in developing teaching and training materials for special needs learners, according to her.