Modern classroom block brings hope to communities

Learners from six villages under Group Village Headman Nkhwani, Traditional Authority (TA) Ganya in Ntcheu will this year experience learning from the comfort of a modern classroom block at Nanyangu Junior Primary School in the district after 24 years of learning in an unconducive environment.

In an interview on Tuesday, community members said the modern double classroom block under construction through the Governance to Enable Service Delivery (GESD) funded project would motivate learners to stay in school besides encouraging those who dropped out to enroll back.

"Established in 1998, the grass thatched Junior primary school has been associated with leakages almost every rain season. We even wonder whether we are indeed Malawians or we are living in a foreign country," GVH Mkhwani pondered.

The new school block

School Committee Chairperson, Joseph Kachimera claimed for decades, school dropout has been a problem due to weather conditions.

"Classes are usually disrupted when it is raining, however, construction of the modern classroom block is timely," he said.

Kachimera added that together with community structures like mother groups, community members, school committees, and chiefs, they would shoulder the responsibility of taking care of the structure for its sustainability.

Nanyangu Primary School Headteacher, Enock Chikaliso said the development would improve the provision of quality of education at the school.

The old school block

“We have an enrolment of at least 586 learners who attend lessons at the school in inadequate and dilapidated structures. However, we could be happy if other well-wishers support us with an additional classroom block,” he said.

Ntcheu District Council Director of Public Works (DPW), Henry Mwanvani has spoken highly of the project for being within schedule besides using the local community workforce.

GESD is a government of Malawi project implemented by the Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Finance, and the 1 Local Government Finance Committee with funding from the World Bank.