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Muslim body urges Chakwera not to entertain opportunists

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Chief Commissioner of the Islamic Commission for Justice and Freedom (ICJF), Shaibu A. Ajassie, has urged President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera to distance himself from opportunists who are parading themselves as concerned civil society organizations (CSOs) and human rights activists.

Ajassie also condemned the tendency of certain CSOs and individuals who are allegedly ‘cooking up’ to tarnish the image of people President Chakwera appointed into positions of influence in the civil as well as public service.

Ajassie: I beg you, President Chakwera, to always sift these pieces of advice
Ajassie: I beg you, President Chakwera, to always sift these pieces of advice

Ajassie, who is also the chairperson of the Forum for Democracy and Rights Defenders (FDRD), cited recent recommendations by the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) to President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera to fire Secretary to the President and Cabinet (SPC) Colleen Zamba.

In an audio supposedly directed to President Chakwera, Ajassie alleges that Zamba is a victim of gossip and backbiting at the Capital Hill and State House.

He said his organization is aware of the existence of individuals at the two institutions who are waging a war against presidential appointees such as Zamba.

He argued that Zamba cannot be singlehandedly held liable for the inefficiencies in the civil and public service, further warning that changing the SPC would not help in solving the socio-economic problems this country is facing.

“A team that recklessly changes players cannot achieve a winning formula. Thus, while we appreciate some of the issues PAC raised and recommendations given, it is important to point out that there are flaws in the statement given to you, as President of this country. Dismissing the SPC and changing her with someone else won’t take us anywhere,” he said.

“I must repeat. It’s not all the pieces of advice that are worth taking. Some pieces of advice can break this nation. As such, I would like to beg you to use your wisdom to handle national matters. Take only the advice that resonates well with your agenda for transforming this country,” added Ajassie.

He appealed to employees at the Capital Hill and State House to desist from engaging in gossip and backbiting, stressing that gossip will only work to the detriment of the nation through inefficient delivery of service.

“We all need to collaborate with the President as he works to transform this nation. To those of you directly working with the President, I beseech thee not to engage in gossip, it should be your hunger always to help the President achieve his goal, and not to be in the forefront diverting his attention from matters of national importance,” emphasized Ajassie.

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