Mutharika calls Malawians stupid for voting him out of power

Emotions boiled over at the PAGE House where the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) held a press briefing with the party’s leader losing it and called Malawians stupid for voting him out of power.

Responding to one of the questions, DPP President and the country’s former Head of State Peter Arthur Mutharika angrily said Malawians made a  “stupid” decision for not voting for him in the 2020 elections.

“Am sorry to say this,  Malawians you made a choice; munandinena kuti ndine okalamba, opanda mano and those nonsense-and all that stupidity,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika speaking during the presser

It is very strange that Mutharika, three years after his embarrassing loss, he is still bitter that he is not at the State House. Throughout the press conference he was visibly seething with rage.

Somehow it was understandable that he resorted to ranting, after all the presser was happening in the wake of the humiliating defeat in yesterday’s Dedza Central by-election where a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) candidate Willard Gwengwe  trounced DPP representative with unassailable lead.

That, coupled with the gains which government is having in revitalising the economy particularly Malawi’s qualification for the Extended Credit Facility from the IMF, rendered the press briefing a waste of time.

It was clear that with these recent developments, Mutharika went ahead with the presser without tangible ammunations to attack government with.

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