National Advocacy Platform condemns recent wave of political violence, urges fair democratic processes

The National Advocacy Platform (NAP), a local non-governmental organization championing the promotion of democratic values and protection of the rights of all Malawians, has condemned the recent wave of political violence in the country.

NAP Chairperson Benedicto Kondowe, who was reacting to the violence targeting Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) supporters in Mponela on Saturday last week, warned that the violence obtaining on the political scene could endanger lives, erode democracy, and disrupt national harmony.

Kondwe: The police must investigate and bring to book those responsible for this violence
Kondwe: The police must investigate and bring to book those responsible for this violence

Kondowe said the recent attack, allegedly perpetrated by MCP functionaries, perpetuates the disturbing trend of political violence undermining our democracy.

“We reference our prior statement from 24th February 2024, addressing the brutal assault on Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters at Mbowe Filling Station. Despite clear video evidence identifying perpetrators, no arrests have been made. This inaction is unacceptable and threatens our nation’s peace and democratic process,” he said.

Kondowe emphasized that as the 2025 elections approach, escalating violence risks destabilizing our country, fostering fear, and suppressing free expression and participation.

He recommended that party leaders orchestrating anarchy must be held accountable for their actions, as they threaten our nation’s stability and democratic values.

“The implications are profound: such violence creates fear, discourages civic participation, and undermines public confidence in law enforcement and the government’s ability to protect citizens and uphold the rule of law. Failure to act decisively against political violence signals dangerous impunity and a disregard for justice and democracy,” he said.

Kondowe called upon the Malawi Police Service to swiftly and thoroughly investigate the attacks on AFORD supporters in Mponela and the February 24th incident involving DPP supporters.

He also asked the government to enhance security measures, especially in violence-prone areas, protect citizens’ rights to peaceful assembly and expression, publicly condemn all political violence, and commit to safeguarding democracy.

“All political parties and leaders must denounce violence, promote peace, tolerance, and respect for democratic principles, and engage in dialogue to prevent future incidents and ensure a peaceful electoral process. NAP remains committed to promoting democratic values and protecting the rights of all Malawians. We urge the government, law enforcement, and political parties to unite in condemning political violence and fostering an environment of tolerance and respect for diverse opinions,” concluded Kondowe.

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