NICE tasks community, faith leaders to propagate mindset change

National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Public Trust has challenged community and faith leaders at Ulongwe in Balaka to champion mindset change among their subjects if Malawi is to achieve Malawi 2063 (MW2063) goals.

Balaka NICE District Civic Education Officer (DCEO) Henry Zekariah made the call during an orientation the organization to appraise community and faith leaders in the Balaka on mindset change as an enabler for the Malawi 2063 (MW2063).

“As influential leaders in your constituencies, you need to change people’s traditional way of thinking or doing things. Instead, encourage them to embark on modern farming, businesses and other undertakings that can generate income to transform Malawi as MW2063 pillars stipulates,” said Zekariah.

He said NICE believes that it is very possible for Malawi to achieve the aspirations of the development blue-print if people convert their minds and start implementing activities by means of embracing mindset change and its values.

The values include hardworking, patriotism, visionary and transformative leadership, positivity, integrity, religious values, self-reliance, among others.

“Therefore, as leaders let’s embrace all these and influence the same to our followers to help Malawi achieve it’s aspirations,” said Zekariah.

He expressed disappointment that Malawians continue depending on government, organizations and well-wishers for support instead of working hard to meet their needs, stressing that time has come to do away with the behaviour.

“This is bad and we need to stop this behaviour. Let’s use our human capital and whatever we have to turn around things to help Malawi to be a wealthy and self-reliant nation by 2063.”

Village Head (GVH) Kalembo thanked NICE for orientating them on MW3063 and mindset change, saying they are now equipped leaders, who can bring about change in their communities.

“We have been acquainted with the good concept and we pledge to take the message to our people so that we can have a transformed Malawi,” she said.

On his part, Ulongwe Anglican Parish-in-Charge, Reverend Father Wilfred Mtwana said he will use the pulpit and other platforms to preach about mindset change because it is the way to go if the country is to register meaningful sustainable development.

“I too believe that for Malawi to achieve its aspirations, there is a need for mindset change among the citizens. Therefore, together with my colleagues, we will embark on mindset change messages to our flocks,” he committed.

With funding from Malawi Government, NICE is on a crusade to meet various cadres of people to orient them on mindset change so that they relay the same to their followers to help Malawi achieve the contents of MW2063.

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