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Paak Foundation hands over K2m worth of borehole to Kumayani Villagers

Paak Foundation – a charity non-governmental organization headquartered in Lilongwe – on Sunday handed over a modern borehole to communities under Senior Group Village Head (SGVH) Kumayani in Traditional Authority M’bwatalika in Lilongwe.

The foundation has spent K2 million to drill and construct the borehole.

Majority of the people in Malawi, particularly in rural areas, lack access to safe and clean drinking water despite the country being technically water rich.

The sad reality prompted Paak Foundation to undertake an initiative of drilling 100 boreholes in selected areas across the country.

Speaking when he handed over the borehole to the villagers in Kumayani on Sunday, the foundation’s founder and director, Talha Saqib Malik, reaffirmed his commitment to eliminating water poverty one borehole at a time.

Malik said it was sad that in this day and era, most communities still rely on polluted water sources such rivers and streams, which increases the risk of waterborne illnesses.

“We are aware of the seriousness of the situation and has been working nonstop to confront these difficulties. We think that everyone should have access to clean water since it is a fundamental human right. We prioritise helping communities in need and concentrate our efforts on putting in boreholes, which are deep wells sunk into the ground and offer a reliable source of clean drinking water,” he said.

Malik disclosed that his organization is collaborating closely with community leaders and stakeholders to successfully carry out borehole projects.

Malik (right) and his partner tasting the water from the new borehole

He said by including locals in decision-making processes, this collaborative method secures sustainability and gives them more authority.

“The impact of our work goes beyond just providing clean water; it extends into improved health outcomes for individuals who no longer have to worry about contracting diseases from unsafe sources. With better access to clean water comes improved sanitation practices such as handwashing and proper hygiene education,” he said.

Msaphaso Mikiyele – one of the communitymembers – expressed delight at the gift of a borehole, saying it will go a long way in reducing cases of waterborne diseases as well as eliminating gender based violence that come as a result of mistrust between a husband and wife where women return late from fetching water.

In his remarks, SGVH Kumayani assured Paak Foundation of his community’s vigilance in taking good care of the facility to ensure it lasts longer.

Recently, Paak Foundation graduated dozens of women in tailoring at Nsaru Trading Centre in Lilongwe.

Paak Foundation was registered in Malawi in 2022 as a charity organization to, among others, economically empower underprivileged youths and women from rural communities.

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