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President Chakwera inspires hope for Least Developed Countries

Chakwera said this on day two of the 5th Conference of the LDCs currently underway in Doha, Qatar.

He said this in light of his acknowledgement to the LDCs development partners that have been supporting the LDCs throughout the years.

Malawi leader President Chakwera addressing delegates to UN Conference for LDCs in Doha, Qatar

“The enemy we need to be vigilant against is our own complacency.We must recognise that what we are doing here in Doha makes this pivotal point in the world history,” he said.

President Chakwera expressed optimism that the pursuit of SDGs will spur the current LDCs to a brighter future.

He said, “In our case, we have the Sustainable Development Goals as a reminder of the better days that lies ahead of us.So let us not give up.”

The Doha summit is focusing on the pursuing the Plan of Action on how to the LDCs will collectively achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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