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Press Trust donates to Chitipa District Council

Press Trust on Wednesday donated medical equipment and supplies worth K500 million to Chitipa District Council through the Ministry of Health for the upgrading of Nthalire Health Centre into a rural hospital.

Speaking after receiving the donation, Minister of Health, Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda, thanked Press Trust for being a true partner in the country’s development which has been manifested by the trust in allocating K2 billion for the health sector.

“The donation which Press Trust has handed over to Chitipa District Council is fit for purpose. We sat down with Press Trust to look at the challenges we have. Today’s donation follows our request which we presented to the Trust. This is how corroboration is should be,” Chiponda said.

Chiponda, therefore, asked health workers in the district to use the equipment for the intended purpose to improve service delivery and win trust of organisations and development partners.

Engineer Chirwa (second from right) hands over medical equipment to Chiponda-1

Chairperson for Press Trust, Engineer Wilson Chirwa said the trust decided to strategically focus its social investment in the health sector targeting maternal and child health interventions.

“We would like to contribute towards the increase of Malawians with health care seeking behaviors, reduce maternal related deaths and under-five deaths and decongestion of secondary health facilities through upgrading of health centres into community rural hospitals,” said Chirwa.

He further said that the initiative aligns well with the strategic focus in Malawi Investment Plan (MIP) 1 of the Malawi 2063 and the Health Sector Strategic Plan (2020-2030).

Chairperson for Chitipa District Council, Toweracharo Mnyenyembe was grateful to Press Trust for the donation.

“Your generosity will undoubtedly go a long way in improving the quality of healthcare services. We value your partnership and commitment to our district’s development,” said Mnyenyembe.

Chiponda inspects some of the medical supplies

Senior Chief Mwabulambya thanked the trust for the gesture which he said will assist not only people of Chitipa but also neighboring countries of Zambia and Tanzania.

Some of the medical equipment and supplies included sick beds, mattresses, CD scanning machines, wheelchairs and gloves, among others.

Press Trust is expanding Ntaja Health Centre in Machinga and Nthalire Health Centre in Chitipa districts into rural hospitals.

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