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RBM, Police in Joint Currency Awareness for Community Leaders

Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) and the Malawi Police Service recently collaborated in a concerted effort to address currency-related crimes. 

Their joint initiative involved organizing a currency awareness workshop for community leaders in the Mulanje region, held with the primary objective of educating the local community on the proper handling and protection of Malawian currency, shedding light on its distinguishing features and the potential penalties for offenses related to it.

During this workshop, Owen Maganga, the Deputy Commissioner of Police and Officer in Charge at the Mulanje Police Station, emphasized the importance of this meeting. 

He acknowledged the need for a collective effort to combat currency-related crimes and expressed gratitude to the Central Bank for initiating this awareness campaign.

“As police, we are going to take the message to communities during our usual meeting in all traditional Authoritities in Mulanje”, he said.

A Cross section of participants

Furthermore, Maganga revealed that the police force would extend this message to various traditional authorities in Mulanje during their routine community meetings. 

He recognized the pivotal role of community leaders, including chiefs, faith leaders, and masters of ceremonies (MCs), in spreading awareness about protecting the integrity of the Malawian currency.

Samuel Senzani, a Manager at RBM, underscored the significance of safeguarding the currency. He offered valuable advice to all participants on the dangers associated with exploiting the Malawian Currency.

“The Malawian Currency must be protected and should not be exploited,” he said.

Senior Chief Nthiramanja, one of the influential community leaders present at the workshop, pledged to carry the message to his subjects, ensuring that they understand the necessity of safeguarding banknotes.

He also committed to educating his subjects about identifying counterfeit currency and cautioned against the refusal of K50 and K20 notes, emphasizing that this constitutes a criminal act.

This collaborative effort between RBM and the Malawi Police Service not only seeks to prevent currency-related crimes but also encourages community leaders to take an active role in promoting currency awareness and protection, ultimately contributing to the economic security of the region.

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