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Russia to hold IX St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum on Nov. 16-18

Government of Russia has disclosed that it will hold its global cultural event – the IX St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum – from November 16-18, 2023.

The global cultural event will be held under the theme: “Forum of United Cultures”. The organisers of the Forum are the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Government of Saint Petersburg.

An official from the Embassy of Russia to Malawi and Zimbabwe, Egor Kuropiatnik, described the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum as a unique venue for meetings, professional dialogue, translation of the most important ideas, and strategic solutions, including Russian policy statements for humanitarian issues.

Kuropiatnik said activities of the forum will focus on international cooperation, mutual enrichment of cultures, and bridging differences via the consolidation of creative forces taking place within the Forum’s framework.

The place where the cultural event will take place in Russia–Photo courtesy of the Embassy of Malawi and Zimbabwe

“The main goal of the forum is to introduce the latest trends to the professional community, review the most urgent current issues, and provide space for working out solutions that will affect the everyday activities of the cultural community in Russia. The forum transforms from the venue for discussions into the space for taking decisions. Its main focal area is the issues of global cultural processes. At the same time, special attention is paid to a look into the future and the unique role of culture in resolving conflicts,” he said.

According to Kuropiatnik, within the framework of the forum, leading cultural figures and government representatives will exchange ideas, discuss trends and topical issues of the development of the modern cultural environment.

He said heads of delegations were invited to consider the possibility of speaking as speakers at dialogue events on the main thematic areas of knowledge of history through culture; Is artificial intelligence a threat or a boon to culture?; traditional culture as the foundation for building a civilized society”.

Kuropiatnik added that the forum will create a unique opportunity for professional exchange of views, reaching agreements on joint creative initiatives aimed at preserving and popularizing the best examples of world cultural heritage and developing international cultural dialogue based on the principles of mutual understanding and mutual respect.

“The top management of the Russian Federation is expected to participate in the events. One of the key events will be a meeting of ministers of culture of foreign countries and heads of international organizations. According to its results, it is planned to adopt a declaration,” he said.

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