Russian Government honours Ng’oma for his best presentation on cybercrime

The Russian Government has promised to use Homeland Security Minister Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma’s presentation on cybercrime in its universities. 

The announcement came at the 11th international meeting of the high-ranking officials responsible for security matters that convened in Moscow- Russia from 23rd May 2023 to 25th May 2023.

Officials from the Russian Government and participants of the conference were impressed with vast knowledge, which Ng’oma has in relation to cybercrime.

According to the state secretary- Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian federation Igor N.Zubov, Ng’oma’s presentation will be sent to Moscow university so as to help students better understand cyber crime matters.

Ken Zikhale Ng’oma

“Am personally impressed with your understanding of issues related to cyber crime and as a way of honoring your effort the presentation you have made on this year’s summit on security matters will be used in our universities” Zubov said.

Ng’oma thanked the Russian government for allowing Malawi to attend the high level meeting on security issues, saying the meeting has helped to cement the relationship between the two nations.

Ng’oma added that the recognition he has received is a sign that the Russian government has respect for Malawi.

“Russia is a true partner because you helped us a lot when we faced tropical cyclone Freddy and you also helped us with fertilizer which has gone a long way in the stainability of our country in terms of food security “, Ng’oma said.

The presentation prompted Zubov to arrange a special meeting with Ng’oma where they discussed a number of issues for the benefit of Russia and Malawi people.

Among others,they discussed the need of Russia to help Malawi with helicopters for search and rescue during disasters, provision of fertilizer for tropical cyclone Freddy victims as well as the provision of 20 million US Dollars for the nuclear energy plant.

This was the first time for Malawi to attend the meeting of high-ranking officials responsible for security matters and Ng’oma was the head of the delegation for Malawi.

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