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Security agencies, corporate partners collaborate to strengthen security in Malawi

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Malawi Defence Force (MDF) and the Lilongwe City Council have agreed to hold a joint Freedom of the City March on 24 November 2023.

The collaboration is aimed at fostering good relationships and strengthening of security in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

Freedom of the City March was last held in 2011; hence, Mayor for the Lilongwe City Council, Councillor Richard Banda, believes that reviving  the event will foster efforts of clearing issues of security lapses in the city. 

Mayor Richard Banda (right) flanked by stakeholders

“We are giving the chance to the military team, just because as you know in our city we are looking for security, so we believe this is one way that we can try to bring sanity in our city, you can see that there are alot issues happening outside there that is why we need to involve the military team so that we can make our city secured as it was before. In our city we have a lot of issues to do with theft as well as street children that is why we have thought of bringing in the military so that we can improve security issues in the country,” he said

A representative from Malawi Defense Force, Captain Owen Banda, said these events are very crucial in making sure that people are living in a comfortably secured manner in the country. 

“As Kamuzu Barracks we are very concerned with things that have been happening in this city of Lilongwe and we believe that a good working relationship between us the military and the civilian community can help in sorting out of these issues as we collaborate well with the civilians as well as corporate partners like the city council this can help people in this country to live peacefully,” Captain Banda said. 

Some of the key activities lined up on the day is a march which will start at Old Town Hall to Civic Offices and the event will reach its climax when they will hold a bash, which will be supported by Entertainers Promotion.


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