Sife Mw, Dan Lu, Smack mourn ‘Soldier’ Lucius Banda

Musicians in the country have described the death of music icon Lucius Banda as a huge loss to the country’s music industry.

In an interview, Mangochi based female fast rising artist Sife says Lucius Banda has left an irreplaceable void in the industry.

The ‘Kumaloto’ star has expressed her deep admiration and gratitude for Banda’s life and work through a tribute titled ‘Mzimu wa Soldier’, saying his music resonated deeply with generations, addressing social issues and celebrating Malawian identity with educative messages.

“Actually, I wanted to celebrate the life he has lived. I have been inspired by him in so many ways. Lucius Banda always wanted to make music that held powerful messages about freedom and the fight against social injustice,” said Sife Mw.

Sife emphasized that Lucius Banda’s contribution to Malawi was beyond being an entertainer as he was also a voice to the voiceless, something upcoming artists need to learn from.

“Upcoming artists should focus on creating music that is authentic and reflective of Malawian culture and traditions, not just imitating foreign styles,” said Sife.

Sife Mw: Lucius Banda inspired many artists. Photo Curtsey of Sifa Mw.

Dan Lu, a prominent Malawian artist who owes his success to Lucius Banda, expressed his deep sense of loss and gratitude for Banda’s mentorship.

“He is the one who groomed me. He is the reason why I am here. I am short of words. To me, he is not gone; his spirit is with us until we meet again,” said Dan Lu.

Renowned musician who joined Zembani Band at the age of 20, Sam Smack, described Lucius Banda as known for his humility and selflessness, who became a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring artists.

“This teaches us that hard work pays, and as an artist you should be more rigid to one thing. And we also need to explore current genres and learn what new generation is bring in such a way you become more relevant in the game,” said Sam Smack.

‘Soldier’ Lucius Banda who released his first album, Son of the Poor man in 1993, died on Sunday in South Africa while receiving treatment of kidney failure.

Banda, who founded Zembani Band has about 20 albums to his name, and will be laid to rest on Thursday at his home village in Balaka district.

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