SRWB plans to open water bottling plant


Southern Region Water Board (SRWB) has revealed plans to construct a water bottling plant, which is estimated to cost US$2.066 million (approximately MK2.1 billion).

The plant will produce 10, 500 bottles per hour, which will also be packed in 5 and 20 liters volume.

Furthermore, the plant will increase profitability for the board and it will take 6 months starting from May 2023.

Clearing the place where the plant will be put

SRWB Infrastructure Development Manager, Emmanuel Chirwa, said the plant construction was won by SMB general supplies with joint support from Caso Construction with funding from internal sources.

“We are constructing this plant that will be able to produce bottled water to be sold on the market and we will be taking water from the treatment plant raw untreated water and will be treated and it will be treated here at the plant and we are expecting to be producing 9 cubic liters per hour almost 10 thousand 5 ml bottles per hour,” said Chirwa.

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