TUM rescues 216 children from child labour


Speaking on Monday, during the commemoration of Anti-Child Labour Open Day in the district, Programme’s Coordinator for TUM, Pilirani Kamaliza, said the union noted that most of the children in the area were engaged in coffee production.

“We observed an increase in the number of children dropping out of school in Lughesyo zone and upon making our investigations, we discovered that these children were engaged in coffee production,” said Kamaliza.

He then called upon community members in the district to desist from the act, saying it was suppressing the Union’s efforts in ensuring that children’s right to education was not infringed.

Learners like these are victims of child labour in Misuku-Pic by Bishop Witmos-Mana

In his remarks, District Education Manager (DEM) for Chitipa, Clement Nyirenda concurred with Kamaliza, saying child labour affects education standards and should be discouraged at all cost.

Senior Labour Officer for Chitipa District Macknown Mogha appealed for efforts from both local and international partners in curbing child labour.

“My office has indeed been receiving reports concerning the growing number of cases in child trafficking and child labour here in Chitipa. There is need for collaborated efforts if we are to eliminate this problem,” Mogha said.

Over 200 vulnerable children received school uniforms during the event, which was spiced up by different activities.

TUM is currently implementing the Accelerating Action in the Elimination of Child Labour (ACCEL) programme in fifteen schools under the Lughesyo zone in Chitipa, aimed at advocating the rights of children to education.




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