UTM lawmaker Kalamula-Kanyasho builds office block at Nthembo School


UTM Party member of Parliament for Nkhata Bay North Constituency Chrissie Kanyasho on Monday handed over an office block for teachers at Nthembo Primary School in Nkhata Baya.

The school has been operating without an office for 25 years. Hence, Kalamula-Kanyasho used K6.5 million from Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to construct the office.

The legislator said she was excited that the school has an office block.

Kalamula: Kanyasho (in UTM Party regalia) handing over the keys to the head teacher

She expressed hope that the office will improve education standards in the area as teachers will now do their work with ease.

Head teacher for the school, Muleka Khonje, hailed the legislator for the development, saying it will help the teachers to have “thorough preparations for class lessons unlike before when it was always a challenge for them in the absence of an office”.

Usisya Area Development Committee (ADC) chairperson Mary Kuwali has applauded the parliamentarian for initiating a number of developmental projects currently underway in her constituency using the CDF.

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