Welcome to Malawi, a country where leaders leap from the poor

I highly respect the motivational quotes and stories we are told by our elders, even though many of the stories we are spoon-fed are literally bogus and at the end we are the ones to choke.

Malawi is believed to be one of the peaceful countries one can be proud to originate from. Despite the peace, the so called warm heart of Africa is also one of the most well-known countries to be poor, a country where your efforts are laughed at by the country itself as it is for a long time stuck in a corruption loop that gets you stuck in the same position regardless of how hard you work.

To be honest, it is not surprising to see graduates become drunkards, prostitutes, thieves and corrupt officials of the state.

You might wonder why as a country we have come to this, it is because the country is built in selfishness, greed and hunger for power to shame those whom we thought were competing with us when we were of the same level.

Malawians protesting against rising costs of living

As it stands, the country is run by men, men with no emotions, men who cry for power and laugh at the poor when the very same poor people had appointed them for the power they have to change their lives for good, men who takes control of the innocent, men who stands for corruption and eliminates those who are trying to stand for justice.

This whole mess we are in is not to be blamed by the ones running the system, but the ones that mostly raised the ones in the system and us who accepts every outcome we get after speaking out.

As a citizen of this country, all we can hope for is a change, not the change that will make our lives better, but what can build the country to raise a generation which will understand the power of unity, love and justice.

Malawi needs a savior, not just a leader. Because you see, a savior leads with a heart to help others to reach their destinations before him while those who are just leaders will always lead people to show how capable the power they carry is. 

Jim Rohn said “He who serves the most, reaps the most”.

For once in your life, forget what makes you enjoy life and focus on how you can bring a change to the people around you.