Yeremia Chihana moves federalism motion in parliament


Chihana said a number of countries in Africa and other continents follow the federal system of government and it has proved to be effective.

He stated that the unitary system of government is failing to deliver tangible services in all parts of the country.

“Time has come for Malawi to have a federal system of government,” said Chihana.

Chihana–Every part of the country will benefit from this system

The lawmaker said federal system is the surest way that the country can deliver services.

Chihana added that decisions would be made very quickly under the federal system of government.

He said Malawians are waiting for the system of government and Malawians need it now.

The parliamentarian said the system responds quickly to the needs of Malawians.

Chihana said every part of country will benefit and develop under the federal state.

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