Yeremia Chihana risks disownment for proposing APM candidature for 2025 elections

Chihana – viewed as a troublemaker by his constituents – announced in the National Assembly on Monday afternoon that he was ready to endorse Mutharika as 2025 presidential candidate of the people, suggesting that President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has failed to deliver; hence, the need for Mutharika return.

Ironically, the Mzimba North lawmaker has been pressing President Chakwera to appoint him as a minister, even if it means being a three-month minister.

Hence, his endorsement for Mutharika could be seen as a sign of desperation for Chihana whose term of office in the National Assembly has been riddled by controversy after controversy. It could also mean that the lawmaker is making calculated move to secure the support of the former governing DPP in the next elections.

Chihana – his endorsement for Mutharika has sparkled debate

Soon after making the announcement about his love for APM, his constituents pooled onto social media where they rebuked him. They vowed to disown him if he continues advancing APM candidature for 2025.

“Whose opinion is he expressing? Is he speaking on our behalf or his own greedy interests?” asked one of the constituents on Mzimba North Development Forum where Chihana is a member.

The constituents vowed that they would give him a boot in 2025, stressing that ‘Chihana has demonstrated lack of maturity’.

Meanwhile, DPP National Governing Council member Ken Msonda has warned Chihana against ‘poking his nose’ into the affairs of the party.

“How do you talk about another party’s presidential candidate and yet you have your own party president also aspiring for presidency? Do you mean you don’t trust your own party president?” asked Msonda.

“Kusokonekeratu uku! Akuyetsa DPP ingawatenge to be DPP VP North. Takwanako ku DPP vying for position of DPP VP North. Besides, ku DPP sitifunanso kupatsa chipani alendo. Tinapatsa chipani mlendo, anatichotsetsa m’boma pano tili pa shamba tikumva kutentha ku opposition chifukwa cha mlendo. Truth pains, but it sets me free and it’s in my DNA,” concluded Msonda.

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