Zimbabwean Prophet Magaya set to hold 2-day conference in Malawi

A popular Zimbabwean prophet, Dr. Walter Magaya, will hold a 2-day conference at the Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe, Good News Ministries (GNM) has announced.

GNM founder and overseer, Prophet Patson Gondwe, made the announcement at a media briefing held in Lilongwe on Wednesday morning.

Prophet Patson Gondwe (centre with microphone) addressing journalists in Lilongwe on Wednesday–Photo by Watipaso Mzungu

Gondwe disclosed that the conference shall take place from 6-7 July 2024, adding that participants will be required to contribute a minimum of US$50 [MK100, 000] fee to attend.

“He [Magaya] will be focusing on leadership teachings, mentoring leaders into becoming the best at their leadership ability. He will also be mentoring us spiritually. So for men of God, they will be taught on how to run a successful ministry. What kind of mistakes to avoid what to focus on in order to manifest the grace of the Lord in our lives,” he said.

Prophet Gondwe further stated that Prophet Magaya, whom Gondwe describes as his spiritual father, will mentor participants in areas of business, leadership, entrepreneurship, healing and deliverance.

In the business sector, Magaya is expected to impart knowledge and skills that can help local businesspeople to succeed in their various businesses.

“So because it is a conference, it is strictly upon registration because we need to know which delegates are coming so that we can prepare even the resource packages that are available. So people are supposed to send us a WhatsApp message, or give us a call on 0999810981 so that we can tell them more details regarding what they need to do to prepare for the big conference,” explained Gondwe.

He added, “Some people are giving more than the minimum fee, but it is a minimum of $50, which in our currency is like MK100, 000 for all the two days. And that does not include the one on one meeting with Prophet Magaya because that is part and parcel of the package.

However, Prophet Gondwe encouraged those with less money to still call the number and be guided on how they can participate in the conference.

“We encourage them to give us a call and send us a WhatsApp message. We will ask them what they believe they can manage and then we are going to guide them on how they should not miss this conference. Our wish is to make sure that everyone takes part in this powerful conference. But as you know, wisdom is the principal thing. The Bible says although it is expensive, we need to gain understanding. So this is a conference where we are going to be giving out books we’re going to be given out resource packages which are constituting this minimum amount, but the door is not closed for people can actually reach out to us on how we can get them to be part and parcel of this powerful moment,” emphasized Gondwe.

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