Zomba DHO working hard to arrest cholera spread


Zomba District Health Office (DHO) says it is doing everything possible to arrest the spread of cholera and cholera deaths in the district.

The statement follows a premature end of a 12-day door-to-door cholera campaign.

Zomba District Environmental Health Officer Innocent Mvula told Nthanda Times that the campaign ended due to cyclone Freddy.

Mvula said they are expecting to return on Monday 27 March 2023.

“We managed to campaign for seven days, but it was fruitful because cases were reduced and we did not record any death during the period of the campaign. But due to cyclone Freddy, we stopped and we are hoping to resume this coming Monday,” he said.

Mvula added that they are working tirelessly to assist those affected by the cyclone and they will keep on monitoring the situation in the evacuation camps in order to avoid the spread of cholera in the camps despite the shortage of enough toilets and overcrowded.


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