Beneficiaries of Brother Aidan Clohessy distance themselves from sexual abuse allegations

Beneficiaries of Brother Aidan Clohessy in Malawi – a group of over 100 young men who received material and educational support from Catholic brother Brother Aidan Clohessy of the St. John of God Order of Hospitallers – have come forward to refute and dismiss allegations of physical and sexual abuse levied against their benefactor Brother Aidan Clohessy.

In a press statement made available to Nthanda Times, the group’s Chairperson Lombani Mwandwanga and Publicity Secretary Robert Mbeyo have expressed their deep hurt and shock at the allegations and stressed that they are false and malicious.

According to the group, the allegations have not only tarnished the image of their benefactor but have also negatively affected their own social, moral, and spiritual uprightness in the eyes of society.

Brother Aidan Clohessy in Dublin recently: Photo by Sean Dwyer

“We would like to express our stand on the matter, particularly with an aim to set the record straight. We are particularly interested in this issue because it directly affects us. We feel deeply hurt and shocked by the physical and sexual abuse allegations allegedly committed against us by Brother Aidan Clohessy.

“These allegations are false and malicious aimed at nothing but tarnishing the image of our benefactor. The Society now questions our social, moral and spiritual uprightness in light of false reports that our benefactor carried out physical and sexual abuse on us,” reads part of the statement.

From the preliminary investigations that the group conducted, they found that the people behind the false allegations were resentful current and ex-employees of St. John of God Community Services trying to swindle Brother Aidan, warning them that they will face legal actions.

“Findings from our preliminary investigations indicate that the people fabricating these false allegations against Brother Aidan Clohessy are both disgruntled current and ex-employees of St. John of God Community Services and some conmen who want to use these allegations to swindle Brother Aidan,” reads part of the statement.

The young men have decided to mobilize demonstrations in Mzuzu to have their voices heard and name shame.

The group further says it stands committed and determined to stand with Brother Aidan Clohessy in his most difficult time and will keep the nation updated until the matter is concluded.

Beneficiaries of Brother Aidan Clohessy in Malawi membership consist of young men from different cohorts that benefited from the charity work Brother Aidan carried out in Mzuzu.

Brother Aidan Clohessy came to Malawi in 1993, when he has been supporting less privileged young men through his charity work.

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