CSOs challenge MCP officials to rise above petty party politicking

Forum for National Development (FND) and Centre for Mindset Change (CMC) have challenged Malawi Congress Party (MCP) officials to rise above petty party politicking, fearing the ongoing campaigning for the party’s top positions ahead of the convention could derail collective action for national development.

FND National Coordinator Fryson Chodzi and CMC Executive Director, Phillip Kamangira have urged MCP followers to prioritize national service above petty politicking in order to fortify the nation’s journey towards prosperity.

Chodzi and Kamangira made the sentiments in a statement issued on Thursday.

They reminded MCP officials about their fiduciary responsibilities and legal imperatives, which obligate them to safeguard the welfare and advancement of the nation.

“These fiduciary responsibilities transcend partisan agendas, mandating a steadfast commitment to the greater good of Malawi. Embracing this duty necessitates unity and a resolute focus on national progress, setting aside internal power struggles for the betterment of all citizens. Thus, economic recovery and attainment of the ECF grant milestones would suffer greatly in the face of the apparent partisan distraction in pursuit of power and supremacy,” reads the statement in part.

Chodzi and Kamangira further advised MCP elected officials to work towards harnessing positive gains for national development.

They said it was pleasing to note that in the midst of adversity, Malawi is buoyed by promising economic prospects and burgeoning donor confidence.

They, however, wondered why MCP and the government are failing to capitalize on “these conditions” to propel the country towards sustainable development, unlocking opportunities for equitable prosperity and social advancement across all sectors of society.

“The recent sentiment by the World Bank about economic rebound should motivate all players to rally behind the President and the Minister of Finance in sustaining the pathways for economic recovery and growth whilst at the same time cushioning poor Malawians from the economic shocks. Increasing the productivity of the private sector, mining, tourism and mega farm agenda are investments in the right direction,” they said.

Chodzi and Kamangira warned that engaging in internal political maneuvering at the detriment of national duty is a severe breach of public confidence and a direct challenge to the hopes and dreams of the Malawian populace.

They said this indulgence not only wastes precious resources, but also hampers the progress of socio-economic advancement and breeds discontent among citizens.

Chodzi and Kamangira urged MCP officials to exhibit unwavering commitment to national service, embodying selflessness and readiness to sacrifice for the collective welfare.

They also advised the MCP officials to mobilize the population through focused awareness initiatives, educating citizens on the importance of unity and the dangers of divisive political maneuvers.

“MCP should strengthen the resilience and impartiality of governance institutions, guaranteeing their steadfast dedication to representing the interests of all Malawians; and allocate resources towards programs that empower the youth as catalysts for positive change, fostering within them a deep sense of accountability and investment in the nation’s future,” they emphasized.

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