Dausi condemns NGC’s ‘dictatorial’ resolutions as DPP tries to gag Times Exclusive interview

Fearless and controversial Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) National Publicity Secretary, Nicholas Harry Dausi, has condemned the party’s National Governing Council (NGC) for proposing what he termed as dictatorial laws to governing the daily operations of the party.

Dausi, in a Times Exclusive interview with Brian Banda on Friday evening, revealed that the NGC members, who had met at Nkopola Lodge last Monday, had agreed to formulate new laws to govern the party.

He revealed that some of the resolutions are designed to bar all those who ever dragged the party to court from ever seeking any position at the July next year elective national elective conference.

On countless times, Dausi and Leader of Opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa and others have dragged their party to court over disagreements arising from the party’s failure to uphold its constitution.

Dausi has further revealed that the NGC meeting had agreed to deduct 10 percent from salaries of executive chiefs employed in all parastatal institutions such as water boards, Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM), among others.

Furthermore, the former governing party intends to introduce membership cards, which will be a prerequisite for one’s affiliation to the party.

Dausi: some of the laws are dictatorial

The fearless Mwanza Central Constituency lawmaker also lamented that the party he has fought for and safeguarded is survival in a democracy is fast degenerating into a family party by proposing that its leader Professor Arthur Mutharika be the only candidate for the presidency.

Dausi warned that DPP risking “kutha ngati makatani ngati akufuna kuchipanga chipani kukhala cha munthu mmodzi”, adding that there is no unity in the party at the moment.

“Chomwe anthu ife timatchuka nacho mu DPP ndi choti aliyense amayima pachulu, n’kumanyoza mnzake. Koma anthufe tinali m’boma. Amalawi amayembekezera kuti tikhala pansi pamodzi kuti tikambirane kuti chipani chingakhale champhamvu bwanji. Chifukwa kunena kuti ndikufuna kuyimira upulezidenti, simlandu, ndi ufulu wake,” said Dausi.

He said it was unfortunate that DPP leadership did not grant freedom to delegates to the NGC meeting to exercise their right to voice out their concerns.

He cited Ken Msonda and Mark Bottomani as some of the NGC members who were gagged at the meeting.

“Msonda was almost beaten up for raising his hand to give his opinion. Do you call that democracy?” he asked.

Dausi dared his party leadership to emulate an example Malawi Congress Party (MCP) set by allowing everyone to run for presidency irrespective of their tribe and region they belong to.

A few hours before the beaming and airing of the programme, DPP obtained a court order prohibiting Dausi from granting the interview in his official capacity.

The party claimed that Dausi had previously indicated his unavailability for such duties; hence, he did not have the blessing of the party’s politburo to speak for it.

But Dausi maintained that he remains the only legally elected National Publicity Secretary.

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