Deputy Minister Mdooko calls for greater investment in education sector

Deputy Minister of Education Nancy Chaola-Mdooko has called for greater investment in teachers’ continuous professional development, offering fair competition, and creating an enabling environment that fosters innovation and excellence in teaching in order to improve service delivery in the education sector in Malawi.

Chaola-Mdooko made the sentiments in Lilongwe on Tuesday when she officially launch of the Global Response to Go Public! Fund Education Campaign.

Go Public! Fund Education Campaign is Education International´s new campaign to mobilise funding for public education around the world. It calls upon governments to invest in public education, a fundamental human right and public good, and to invest more in teachers, the single most important factor in achieving quality education.

It also guarantees labour rights and ensuring good working conditions, as well as manageable workloads and competitive salaries for teachers and education workers. It also means valuing teachers, respecting teachers ensuring they are central to decision-making, and trusting their pedagogical expertise.

In her remarks at the launch of the campaign in Malawi, Chaola-Mdooko said time had come for Malawi to empower educators with the necessary resources, support, and recognition they rightfully deserve.

“Access to quality education remains a pressing concern, and it is incumbent upon governments worldwide to step up and prioritize investment in education. It is time to invest in their Continuous Professional Development, offer fair competition, and create an enabling environment that fosters innovation and excellence in teaching,” she said, recognizing that education stands not merely as a privilege, but as a fundamental human right and a cornerstone of societal progress.

The Deputy Minister added that education is a beacon that illuminates the path towards a brighter and more equitable world for all.

She, however, let acknowledged that this fundamental right faces unprecedented challenges that demand urgent attention and action by government and its stakeholders.

At this point, Chaola-Mdooko reiterated that her ministry is aware that in pursuit of a fair and equitable society, investing in education is paramount.

“We know that education is the vehicle through which we can empower individuals, communities, and nations to break the chains of poverty, ignorance and inequality. Therefore, education, as a fundamental human right should be accessible to all,” she said.

Deputy Ministetr of Education Nancy Chaola-Mdooko joins other dignitaries in taking a group photo

She assured Secretary General of the Teachers’ Union of Malawi (TUM) that the government, under the leadership of His Excellency the state President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, prioritizes the education sector and supports equitable access of quality education to every child in Malawi, not only because it is enshrined in the constitution of Malawi but as a fundamental human right.

She informed that the gathering here that Malawi stands committed to the cause, saying a strong education system is the foundation of sustainable development and moral obligation, the one that holds the key to unlocking the full potential of our nation.

“Through strategic partnerships, innovative policies, and targeted investments, we endeavour to enhance the quality and accessibility of education for every Malawian child. We recognize that this can only be achieved through collective effort and shared global commitment. As of now, Malawi commits 20% of the national budget to education and continues to prioritize education in its allocation,” said Chaola-Mdooko.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Education thanked Education International Africa- Regional Coordinator, Madam Lucy Barimbui, and the Education International “Global Response Campaign” Project Coordinator, Mr. Kojo Asiamah Addo for supporting the campaign.

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