Dzuka Malawi pushes for Atupele’s return to active politics

United Democratic Front (UDF)-connected movement calling itself Dzuka Malawi has asked the party leader, Atupele Muluzi, to resurrect from his retirement to prepare for the 2025 presidential race.

The movement has promised to support his candidature. The grouping made its stand at a press briefing  held in Zomba a few days ago.

Dzuka Malawi expressed its trust in Atupele’s political experience, good reputation, and ability to revive Malawi from the deep poverty it currently faces. 

Dzuka Malawi members addressing members of press in Zomba

“Atupele Muluzi has the capacity to rebuild the country, just as his father did. We believe that he can govern the country with the needs of Malawians in mind. He has held big positions in the past, but we have never heard of any corrupt practices he was involved in. This is a sign that Atupele can take us to higher levels,” said Issack Austin Lalama, Treasurer General for Dzuka Malawi.

Lalama also emphasized that the group would use media houses and social media platforms to reach out to as many Malawians as possible, to promote Atupele Muluzi as the right person to govern the nation.

Dzuka Malawi started as a social media group in November 2022 with just 1,346 members. However, due to the challenges, Malawians are currently facing, the group has evolved into concerned citizens who are working hard to see Malawi prosper.

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